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Recently I have purchased a couple of Dermal mask sheet from Gmarket when there is an offer of $0.39 per sheet.

It has more than 20 types. Not knowing which is for what purpose, so I just randomly chose a few types for trial.

After receiving them, I went to google about it. Then I realised its pretty popular and it has quite a lot of good reviews.

I found a website that gave a list of its effects for the various type, so I thought its good to note them down.

  • Red Ginseng – Mild, Firming, Moisturizing
  • Collagen – Firming, Moisturizing, Mild
  • Wine – Brightening, Moisturizing, Soothing
  • Royal Jelly – Nutrition, Moisturizing, Refining
  • Aloe – Soothing, Convergence, Nutrition
  • Cucumber – Soothing, Moisturizing, Mild
  • Herb – Soothing, Purify, Moisturizing
  • Seaweed – Moisturizing, Mild, Refining
  • Aqua – Soothing, Convergence, Nutrition
  • White – Brightening, Moisturizing, Firming
  • Pearl – Moisturizing, Convergence, Brightening
  • Grape – Mild, Health, Firming
  • Green Tea – Elastic, Moisturizing, Clear
  • Potato – Soothing, Mild, Moisturizing
  • Vitamin – Brightening, Firming, Refining
  • Apple – Soothing, Convergence, Firming
  • Apricot – Moisturizing, Firming, Brightening
  • Rice bran – Moisturizing, Refining, Soothing
  • Charcoal – Refining, Health, Soothing
How to use :
Cleanse face -> Apply on face for 15 to 20 mins -> Remove and pat the remaining essence onto face.. do not wash off.
Verdit :
So far I have tried out Cucumber and Charcoal. No side effect after using both and the face do look brighter after used.
 My previous other mask sheet, I just dump them inside the cupboard.. and they dried up after a few months.
So for this batch of mask sheet I kept them inside the chiller, hopefully it can last longer.
It’s super shiok when I apply the cooling mask on a hot hot day!
‘m happy with my purchase!

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Goodbye Candy

The sweetest girl, Furby’s first love.

You will always stay deep inside our heart.

Go play with Cotton, Baby and many other friends…

But don’t forget to watch over your mommy, daddy and lil Jasmine.

Aunty Jo and FE love love you.

Bye Bye…. till we meet again.

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Happy Birthday to me!

我的最爱:Strawberry light cheese cake

… from Naomi Kitchen


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1st entry using iphone

At the bus stop on my way to work. =p

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Lack of updates

I suddenly realised I have not been updating this blog for more than a month. =P And it has almost became an event recorder. Mainly to record birthdays … oops! Bad bad bad.

So…. Just some updates :

1. CNY is always a eat n eat n eat affair. Put on at least 2 kg. =(

2. Furby is getting more and more greedy … asking for treats every hourly… I just can’t seem to be able to reduce some of his weight. =(

3. EnEn’s tear stain is getting better … except her beard stain, cos she’s still chewing her paws like no tomorrow. =(

4. My latest craze is reading on the web. Safari is my fav application nowadays. It allows me to read my fav novels online anywhere anytime on my iphone. =)

5. I have not been playing with my DSLR. =(

6. I have not been scrapping since my last project of Rynn’s bd gift. =(

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