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Yep! Finally made up my mind deciding between Ipad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab…

Chose Tabbie because of its size, its flash capability, its pricing and its something different from my iphone.

So I got it during the PC Show Singtel promotion.

Paid $198 with a monthly $39 plan.

Now it has became an accessory I can’t do without everyday during travelling.

And I’m Loving it more and more each day.

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Recently I have purchased a couple of Dermal mask sheet from Gmarket when there is an offer of $0.39 per sheet.

It has more than 20 types. Not knowing which is for what purpose, so I just randomly chose a few types for trial.

After receiving them, I went to google about it. Then I realised its pretty popular and it has quite a lot of good reviews.

I found a website that gave a list of its effects for the various type, so I thought its good to note them down.

  • Red Ginseng – Mild, Firming, Moisturizing
  • Collagen – Firming, Moisturizing, Mild
  • Wine – Brightening, Moisturizing, Soothing
  • Royal Jelly – Nutrition, Moisturizing, Refining
  • Aloe – Soothing, Convergence, Nutrition
  • Cucumber – Soothing, Moisturizing, Mild
  • Herb – Soothing, Purify, Moisturizing
  • Seaweed – Moisturizing, Mild, Refining
  • Aqua – Soothing, Convergence, Nutrition
  • White – Brightening, Moisturizing, Firming
  • Pearl – Moisturizing, Convergence, Brightening
  • Grape – Mild, Health, Firming
  • Green Tea – Elastic, Moisturizing, Clear
  • Potato – Soothing, Mild, Moisturizing
  • Vitamin – Brightening, Firming, Refining
  • Apple – Soothing, Convergence, Firming
  • Apricot – Moisturizing, Firming, Brightening
  • Rice bran – Moisturizing, Refining, Soothing
  • Charcoal – Refining, Health, Soothing
How to use :
Cleanse face -> Apply on face for 15 to 20 mins -> Remove and pat the remaining essence onto face.. do not wash off.
Verdit :
So far I have tried out Cucumber and Charcoal. No side effect after using both and the face do look brighter after used.
 My previous other mask sheet, I just dump them inside the cupboard.. and they dried up after a few months.
So for this batch of mask sheet I kept them inside the chiller, hopefully it can last longer.
It’s super shiok when I apply the cooling mask on a hot hot day!
‘m happy with my purchase!

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Samsung Ex1

A new compact camera for everyday usage! Obtained an e-quote from MS color and compared with a few places.. So far its e best offer i can get with free 2 8gb sd card, extra battery and a pouch.

I am loving almost every bit of it except e lens cover. Its like dslr which you need to cover it manually… Abit troublesome la. Battery charging is also quite troublesome because need to put the battery inside the camera to charge up. A battery charger is optional accessory.



After the initial charge of 4 hours (They told me is 8hrs, but e led turns green after 4hrs of charging) immediately went through the menu to familaries with all the controls. Its actually pretty userfriendly, every dial selection comes with a brief explainion on e screen. Oh the amoled screen is pure love! Somemore can tilt 90/180 deg!

Woked Furby up from his nap and snap snap snap to get a feel of it. Even at ISO400, the resolution is still very good, thanks to the F1.8 lens! This is the most important criteria for me when selecting a camera because I usually shoot under low light condition and I don’t like to use flash.

Here are some sample shots

A feature I like very much is the Lomo style Smart filter . You can either set it on in shooting mode or add filter effects onto the photo in display mode. They are Miniature, Vignetting and Fish-eyes effects. Using the same object, I shoot 3 shots with  different filter effect settings.

For Miniature, what they mentioned in the manual is to ‘”make a photo of a life-size location or object look like a photo of a miniature scale model. Blurring parts of the photo makes the scene seem much smaller than it actually is. ” So this photo is not a good example for it… need to take a street scene maybe? 

I love the Vignetting filter effect, the 4 corners are shadowed / darken. It somehow made the subject more outstanding?

To me, Fish-eye filter effect is just for pure fun!

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Jelly lens

Its a lens that u can attached to your hp camera. Or should I call it a filter?

There’s many different type, I got the macro and fish eyes to try out.

Preferred the Macro one.  

Before attaching the “lens”

After attaching the “lens”.

Must go extremely near thou … else can’t focus at all.

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From Naomi Kitchen

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It works!

Its recommended by annie. I used it for their skin problem, it even helps to relief e redness on Furby’s ear flap.

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