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Furby is 9!

No gai gai, No party, No walk walk this year.

But still will have lots of hugs and love and fun at home !

The Barkery Singapore

Ordered the cake from this bakery, Love their packaging! So beautiful!

Pretty cake

All these are his pressie (of cos must share share with EnEn la)

He is a very Happy boy today!

Can’t believe you are already 9 years old now!

Must stay Healthy and Be Happy always ya!

Poor lil’ girl is not of good mood today -.- 

I guess she knows she’s not the star of the day …. so very 不爽!

Only the cake catch her attention

Furby has so much fun pushing and pawing his Twist n Treat Toy to get to his chicken treats!

Let’s have another great year ahead together my precious!

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I will end up with EnEn in tow.

Normally I will put her in her carrier and walk around in TPY Central until my shoulder cannot take it anymore then I will look for a void deck to rest and wait for Furby.

Reading helps to pass time easily

Toying with my Ex1

Thanks to the Tilt-swivel LCD, selca is a bliss now

Half an hour before Furby is ready, Its time to bring EnEn for a short walk back to APC

We will always pass-by this lil’ playground

Lil’ gal seems lost without Furby’s lead

And begged to be carried

But once we reached Block 85, she knows where APC is … she will start to dash towards the shop front.

I do not need to give cue, she will automatically stopped infront of the glass door and started to whine loudly.

She’s definitely can’t wait to be reunited with her Furby gor gor

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Canon 450D with prime lens

Samsung EX1


只是要blurry effect 还是450D 比较好。

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Lunch @ USDB

Date : 12-Feb-2011 初十

A lunch meetup with Charlyn and WangWang

Both FE got so excited when they saw me start to pack my stuff.

EnEn even automatically jumps onto my lap to let me clean her up when she saw me took out her grooming stuffs.

After grooming her … she has to wear her e-collar to prevent her from scratching off the top knot.

EnEn wait n wait n wait …. until fall asleep

Furby : 老天爷!几时才可以出门哪?

Yes! Finally here!

Look who’s coming?

Wang is here!

Happy together!

After a session of sniff sniff here, mark mark there, they were made to pose for a round of photo shooting. 

Individual :


All three together

Take until FE ‘change face’

And then its time to take our lunch.

So Furby starts to sulk …

While I eat my Seafood Marinara…

accompanied with EnEn’s barking background music -.-|||

This little Shih-Tzu puppy came with his papa n mama.. 又乖又可爱!

After lunch … its another round of photo-taking.

But this time both FE dun give me anymore faces already.  

So I endup with all kinds of sulky faces of them. -.-

Me and my ‘不爽恩’

Me & Sulky FE

And finally … a group photo before we leave



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Merry xmas 2010

Furby & EnEn wishes all our friends and relatives a Berry Merry Christmas!




(Pardon their berry NOT merry faces =P)

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Furby 八岁了!


Mummy love you looooooooooooooooots!

Must be a goooooood gooooooood boy ok?

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